Septic System Information

The Lawrence County Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Program (OWTS) is supported by The Wastewater Treatment Systems Ordinance and provides clear definitions and requirements that are designed to protect public health and the environment. Our Environmental Public Health Specialists (EPHS) ensure compliance with the Wastewater Ordinance through permit application review and installation inspection.

Septic Permit applications must be submitted before the system is installed to show which system is being proposed, its location, and a sketch diagram of the system. A soil analysis must also be performed by a Lawrence County registered soil scientist. Applications can be submitted by installers registered with the county or homeowners that wish to install their own system. Home Installers are required to pass an installers test for each system they intend to install. Systems installed by homeowners will require both a pre-site inspection and an installation inspection. Once the application is approved, a permit fee is collected and the permit is issued.

For more information on our Septic Program please call (417) 466-2201.

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