Fees for Services

A $15.00 out of county fee will be charged in addition to the fees below. (excludes: lab draw, birth/death certificates, water testing, and adult flu vaccine)

If paying with a credit card, any fee under $50.00 will be charged an additional $2.00. Charges over $50.00 will be charged an additional 4%.

Birth Certificate $15.00
Car Seats (for qualifying Lawrence County residents)

Copies of Shot Records $2.00 per copy
Death Certificate $14.00 first copy, $11.00 additional
Family Planning Clinic and supplies Charges based on income
Flu Vaccine (adult)
**unless covered by certain insurances
Glucose $20.00
Head Lice Check $15.00
Hearing Test $20.00
Hemoglobin $20.00
Hepatitis A Immunization (adult) $60.00
Hepatitis B Immunization (adult) $65.00
Hepatitis A&B (adult) $100.00
HIV Test No Charge
Immunization for children $5.00 per shot
Lab Draw $15.00 Plus the cost of lab
Lead Screening $30.00
MMR (adult) $90.00
PKU Testing $75.00
Pregnancy Test $15.00
Scabies Scraping $15.00
Staple Removal/Change Bandage $15.00
STD Testing (varies) $15.00 – $32.50
Strep test $20.00
TB Skin Test/Read Only $23.00/$10.00
Tdap/TD for Adults $15.00
UA Dipstick $20.00
Well Water Test (Nitrates only) $15.00
Well Water Testing (Bacteria only) $20.00
Well Water Testing (Bacteria and Nitrates) $35.00
Official Well Water Series (Bacteria and Nitrates) $50.00
Official Well Water Series (all metals and bacteria) $65.00