Prenatal Case Management

Case Management is one-on-one counseling offered to pregnant women on Medicaid or MC+ who may have a potential risk of effecting the health of herself or her baby.

Examples of risk are:

  • Mother’s age 17 or younger
  • Mother’s age 35 or older
  • Currently smoking
  • Drug use or abuse
  • History of abuse
  • Single parent
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • Late entry into prenatal care
  • Prior low birth weight baby

Visits are scheduled once a month either at our office or in your home. If you are enrolled in WIC we can try to arrange your visit on the same day.

During your visit the nurse will discuss many ways to promote a healthy pregnancy, provide pregnancy education (stages, development, etc.) and provide referrals to other services if needed. After the baby is born, the nurse will discuss baby care, well baby check-ups, immunizations, safety concerns, and more.